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The Coughing Hills v1

 ( Not Rated ) , by BeED Author   -  Chemistry Lower Secondary (IGCSE)

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  Wednesday, August 30, 2017
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Course Info

About this Place Of Interest

The Bukit Batok Nature Park was built on an undeveloped quarry site in 1988. Bukit Batok means “coughing hills” in Malay and was named after the blasting noises produced by mining operations[1]. The government decided to turn the abandoned quarry into a nature park to preserve the flora and fauna found in that area. The huge park now consists of secondary forest, with a quarry pool and a small stream that leads from it.The secondary forest houses one of the well-known species, Durio sp, which attracts tourists when it bears fruits and attracts bats during the flowering season[2]. The quarry pool which has turned into a lake houses a variety of fishes and freshwater turtles.

About this Learning Experience

This learning experience is about the different types of rocks and their formation. You will also learn about how human activities create an impact on the formation of the rocks. This Learning Experience is suitable for secondary school students, year 1-3.

Syllabus Content

  • Earth and atmosphere
  • 1. The structure of earth
  • 2. The rock cycle and the formation of igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks
  • 3. Earth as a source of limited resources and the efficacy of recycling

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